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Social Media & SEO

Yes our SEO service should definitely be the backbone of your online marketing strategy, but Arizona SEO also recognizes the value of social media and what it can do for your business. We know, that when combined with SEO, it will deliver a 'double the bang for your buck' effect for your marketing dollar. How? When you participate in any or all of the social media networks that are available you'll have the ability to get your message out virally. That in and of itself will do wonders to spread the word about your product or what you do. But, when you combine it with SEO here's what happens. You'll be creating links from all of your social networks to your website or blog, which will now act as 'Command Central' for all of your Social Media content. Since the search engines love incoming links from relevant sites -- especially ones that are refreshed often with new content -- they will reward you with high rankings.

What our SEO Social Media Program includes:

First we make sure you're properly set up with:

  • A Professional Profile at FaceBook;

  • A LinkedIn Profile;

  • A Twitter Profile;

COST: $250

Once that's done you're ready to spring into action and send prospective clients to YOU:

  • 3 postings per week from FaceBook;

  • 3 postings per week from LinkedIn;

  • 3 postings per week from Twitter;

  • 1 industry-specific Article or content page per month uploaded to your site;

COST: $150/mo.

Finally -- SEO and social media marketing under one roof!

 SEO & Social Media - perfect together!

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Our Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Keep your social media posts uplifting and humble. For the most part, stay professional and positive.

2. What does your social media strategy really need to do? It needs to answer simple questions. Who am I speaking to? What do they want from me online? How will this strategy help solve their problems?

3. Stop talking about yourself if you want your posts reposted. Be relevant, share good information, and don’t make it all about you. 

4. Stay connected with those you meet at conferences and networking gatherings by following them.

5. If you’re going to ask people to “like” your company on FaceBook, have something of value waiting there for them. Give them a reason why they should “like” you.

6. Always include follow buttons on your site, your blog, and in your emails.

7. Write blog content that your target audience is interested in, not you or your colleagues.

8. How frequently you blog does count. Businesses that blog daily generate 5 times more traffic than those that post only monthly or weekly.

9. Building an online community? Show your power users that you appreciate their contributions. Do this by asking them for feedback, offering prizes and giveaways, and actually saying "thank you" for their interactions.

10. Blog about the problems your product or service solves – not about the product itself. Everyone cares about their own problems and if your product or service can help. 



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